Good Heels - Anderson .Paak

Good Heels Anderson .Paak (feat. Jazmine Sullivan) - Lyrics

Written By : Anderson .Paak, Jazmine Sullivan, Pomo & Danny McKinnon

[Verse 1: Anderson .Paak]
I don't mind waitin’ if it don't take too long
I don't mind stayin’, baby, we drove your car
I don't mind pacin' outside, but, damn, it's cold
It's too cold, it's too cold

[Verse 2: Jazmine Sullivan]
Oh, damn, oh, friend
Too much fun in the AM
I forgot my keys and my clothes
Is your girl comin' home?
'Cause it’s cold now and I’m locked out (Locked out)
Oh, hell, too real
Waitin' outside in my good heels
I forgot my keys and my clothes
Is your girl comin’ home?
'Cause it's cold now and I'm locked out

[Verse 3: Anderson .Paak]
Say what I’m gon' do? What I'm 'posed to say?
You gon' get me killed, I'ma catch a fade
She'll be home soon, yeah, she'll be on the way
I just hit the 1, shit, I'm in the Palisades
You gon' have to pull up, uh, the fire escape, uh
Open up the window, get your little thangs
Get your little keys, get your little rings
Just free in the wind, though, before she see your face
Anderson .Paak Good Heels (feat. Jazmine Sullivan)