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Everybody Hurts Track Info
Artist(s): Avril Lavigne
Album: Goodbye Lullaby
Release Date: March 8, 2011
Genre: pop
Lenth: 3:41
Writer(s): Evan Taubenfeld & Avril Lavigne
Producer(s): Deryck Whibley

About "Everybody Hurts" Song

"Everybody Hurts" is a pop song by Pop punk, pop rock, alternative rock singer "Avril Lavigne" from the studio album "Goodbye Lullaby". This song's duration is (3:41 min) and available in digital format on music online shopping store iTunes & Amazon Music.

The song Everybody Hurts is written by Evan Taubenfeld & Avril Lavigne, produced by Deryck Whibley and was released in March 8, 2011.

'Everybody Hurts' is a song that I co-wrote with one of my best friends, Evan Taubenfeld. This song is a song that talks about how… 'Yeah, okay, this is life.' We're all going to experience different levels of pain, some more than others. On a daily basis […] or weekly, or yearly, whatever. I know I'm super sensitive, I'm very emotional, my feelings get hurt easily. I hurt, and I hurt hard, and I love, and I love hard. And 'Everybody Hurts' is a song that talks about, 'Yeah… This is life.' It is an emotional rollercoaster ride. And my message is… 'Yeah, this hurts, and we all hurt, and we're going to experience that emotion and that pain and that feeling at some point in life', and my message is that… Hold your head up high. Be strong, get through it, it's going to be okay. It's okay to be afraid."
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Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne (Singer)

Genre: Pop punk, pop rock, alternative rock

Instruments: Vocals, guitar, piano, drums

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Music Album: Goodbye Lullaby