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Upon My Shoulders Music Tracks
Upon My Shoulders Track Info
Artist(s): Markus Schulz
Album: We Are The Light
Release Date: August 10, 2018
Genre: Dance
Lenth: 2:56
Writer(s): Markus Schulz, Sebu Simonian, Lenny Skolnik & Ilan Kidron
Producer(s): Markus Schulz

About "Upon My Shoulders" Song

"Upon My Shoulders" is a Dance song by DJ "Markus Schulz" featuring Sebu from the studio album "We Are The Light". This song's duration is (2:56 min), was released in August 10, 2018, @ Coldharbour Recordings & Cat Music, and available in digital format at music online shopping store iTunes & Amazon Music.

The song Upon My Shoulders is written by Markus Schulz, Sebu Simonian, Lenny Skolnik & Ilan Kidron, produced by Markus Schulz .

Upon My Shoulders is the last track for Markus Schulz's album We Are the Light which features a first time collaboration from Sebu (Real Name: Sebu Simonian), one of the members of the American indie pop duo Capital Cities who provided the vocals for the song.
The song included in the album is different compared to the original release. The original version lasts in a duration of 2:56 minutes, while in the album version lasts to 3:09 minutes and it was reworked with more polished sounds compared to the original.
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Markus Schulz
Markus Schulz

Genre: (DJ) Trance, Dance


Instruments: Keyboards, vocals

Music Album(s):
We Are The Light
Music Album: We Are The Light